About us

Pleasant and modern accommodation units for all travelers

Christa Apartments sign

We run a family business operating three hotel units in Kos island since the 1970’s. Our philosophy is based on providing convenient and contemporary accommodation units for all travellers. We are committed to our purpose, which is to provide quality sleep, spotless cleanliness, present-day facilities, useful amenities and, last but not least, personalised services.  

Christa Apartments is a project inspired by our aim to provide a central unit suitable for couples, friends or families, where all visitors may rest, feel at ease and take pleasure in comfort and convenience. Our vision is to help our visitors make the most of their holidays in our newly built studios and at the same time, introduce new technologies. 

Our first hotel “Alexandra” is one of the most iconic city hotels in Kos Island and our second one, “Alexandra Beach”, is a resort located a mere few meters away from Psalidi beach.